Happy Birthday Monnia

August 14, 2005
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Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She’s 80. I cannot even fathom being 80 at this point, me being 20. My mother is 50. So we’re the 80-50-20 gang. How cute. Maybe in 60 years I’ll be able to comprehend the age 80, and maybe I’ll be able to live another 45 afterwards. I admit that’s a long life, but I have a lot of things I want to take care of. Here is my game plan for the next 30 years.

Graduate from this place.
Go to medical/law school.
Visit all 50 states.
Visit 30 countries.
Have 4-5 kids.
Be happy.
Have a decent proficiency-fluency in about 5-7 more languages.

It’s a pretty simple plan, but getting there (age 50, plan completed) is the complex part. But life is most fun when it’s the most complex, and choices are plenty, which is what it is now. With all of these choices, I think the only thing I worry about is worrying the right amount.If I worry too much, nothing will get done, and I’ll just feel bad. If I worry too little, again nothing will be done, however I’ll feel good about it, until I get an ambitious moment and curse myself for wasting time.

So this birthday wish is a big part love, a big part admiration, and and a medium sized part inspiration to live (correctly?).

Happy birthday!


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A fly named Johnny Walker Red

August 1, 2005
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Right now, there is a fly flying around in here, and it’s being just completely ridiculous. I mean, can it comprehend its level of annoyance? I often think that it does. I know it does. It’s laughing at me right now. It realizes that it’s caused me, a human being, to write an entry about it, he’s made me think an extended amount of time. It’ll live on for eternity through an andecote about its antics one average summer day on the planet earth, on the continent o from maybe July 27, 2005 to maybe August 3, 2005. So farewell fly, I will remember you from time to time, if I look back upon these entries when I am old, and when I see some of your equally annoying cousins. I will salute you for your valiant efforts to simply make a living.

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