March 7, 2009
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From this morning’s Baltimore Sun:

Delegate’s personal plea for death penalty

Why he thinks the death penalty should be continued:
“I think God has given us leeway to decide things like that,” the delegate said.

I don’t know what to say — except people that truly think things like this this should not be in positions of power. I am becoming increasingly disgusted with Americans who continue to think this way and spout violent dribble like this. That’s all for now.


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The red bull of it all

March 7, 2009
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A simple mess is what I reduce down to. Any one of the parts alone — my ambitions, my room, my city, my faith in my friends, my interests, are all an unappealing exercise in dilettantism when looked at in their own light. So I try not to look at the things alone, and when I don’t I find more things to add to my collection of jumble. Too unwieldy I fear is what I’ve become. I’ll need a larger container or I shall soon explode.

An amusing gimmick

March 6, 2009
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An amusing gimmick indeed. I’ve been rolling over from side to side tonight, consternation growing on its own accord. I assume the consternation is upset about the prospect of dealing with the other parts of my conscious when I have to wake up tomorrow, shower, groom, locate something suitably clean to wear, something suitably shocking to wear, something suitably unstable to wear, locate the keys (which unironically, and uncannily too frequently, is the longest part of the morning ritual) and head to class. Class time will be wonderous, a gauntlet of veritable ideas and rituals designed to abolish any iota of extant daily happiness quotient that is left inside.