On handling automobiles

January 10, 2007
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Just so everyone knows, and I know you’ve been wondering — when a former president dies, the flags are flown at half mast for thirty days. So we’ve still got awhile. I’m always confronted by a strange photographic itch whenever I see flags at half mast. I like the idea of bunch of people mourning someone they’ve never known, someone they may have voted against (or never voted for) because the federal government mandates it.

Continuing my partially Minnesotan themed posts — it was cold last night. And up here, it’s cold frequently, so what intelligent city planners have done (next to astronauts, city planners are my favorite people) is design a skywalk system. The system in downtown Minneapolis is large, over seventy-five buildings are connected over fifty-two city blocks. Needless to say, I did not walk all fifty-two blocks, that would take all day. Hundreds of stores are connected! If I only had hundreds of dollars (give me hundreds of dollars).

Had I been here over the holiday break, I would have done a much better job with gift finding and the whole game of wrapping them and finally actually giving them to their recipients. It’s just that I hate having to drive to each store. Few things disgust me more than driving, and 95% of the things that bother me more than driving are finding parking, caring for a car, traffic, and paying for car insurance. All which are at extremely high levels during the holiday season.

I do public transportation, enormous parking lots/garages next to those Pleasantville/Fairview mall mills with make me ill, when people fellate themselves when gasoline prices fall, my head aches.

For the rest of my life, I am resolving to do all I can do to never own a car. If I am forced to live and raise my family in an urban jungle so be it. Minneapolis is not the most ideal place to run with this idea of not having a car, but it’s doable. I am almost certainly thinking of northeastern locales, or maybe something on the order of leaving the country. This is probably just a natural rejection of my suburban rearing. But it’s strong enough to make some solid plans about where I really want to live.


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January 8, 2007
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I am back in Minnesota, and it’s nice to be back in a place that’s familiar and unfamiliar, so much different than Maryland, so much the same as Maryland, and cold. I missed winter. All the same faces are here, although hairier and paler because of the effects of the season. People here seem to be sick as well, a phenomenon I forgot about, what with Maryland’s global warmed 70 degree January days.

One thing that I do like I have realized — being in places for short amount of time. There is a since of purpose to each day. Semesters are too long for me now, I find it hard to focus from time to time, let’s be honest — all the time.

Every time I use dashes in my writing like the paragraph above, I wonder why the fuck I am using dashes. I have been raised to not use them in my writing, but I am painfully aware that I used them in my medical school applications. I’m not even sure if I am using them correctly, but my writing is imitating my speech more and more.

I haven’t speaking very much lately. I heard on NPR that men speak 7,000 words a day and women speak 20,000. I would say that when school ends I average around 3,000. With the combination of being enrolled in spanish, my grammar has gone out the window. When I speak I sound like someone who learned English at age 20, or maybe closer to some kind of special education student. It’s not working to my benefit.

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meet me down at the ol’ cafe

March 9, 2005
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I love it when you can see the shitstorm of work coming to box you in the ears next week, and you sit there helpless to do anything about it. I think I’m going to pull an all-nighter tonight. The thing is, it’s a pre-emptive one. I don’t actually have anything due tomorrow. But it will affect me for my obligations for my clubs and extracurricular things.

Okay so no all-nighter, I’ll get a little sleep.

I went to New York City to visit a friend (af ) this past weekend. af is teh awesome, and I love the city too much. I love just people bustling about, doing their thing, living life. NYC is a huge hub of life, it’s impossible to not love. I kept saying how pretty it was. I can’t shut up about it. I didn’t bring my camera though. Pictures of me are severely lacking. I should make an effort to take at least one every month.


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