November 13, 2006
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Same ol’ school cycle. As always, instead of doing school work, hiding with a book is muchhh better. I am finishing all of my loose already-started books before moving onto my wonderfully punishing stack of expensive Barnes & Noble impulse-buys.

I always become re-aware of my love for history and distaste for all things science, but I think it is only because there are very few scientific authors who can pen something that is fun to read. It does not have to even be clear, just fun to read. There are only so many Goulds that one can read. Right now I am finishing up Kennedy’s Profiles of Courage. It is more or less a history of various figures in the United States Senate. I do not care if he did not really write it, the man planned his life out almost to perfection. There are probably books out there explaining how to be as successful a social engineer as he and his father were. As I sit around here looking at these hard-working Maryland students staring oh-so-hard into their laptops, I wonder if we are coming close to what he did. Probablyyy not.


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