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April 25, 2006
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Most of the time, good behavior leads to good results, and bad behavior leads to bad ones.

One year probation is not good.


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senseless dateline award

April 18, 2006
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inane dateline of article on

VERACRUZ, Mexico (AP) — A crowded bus speeding home from a religious festival veered off a highway emergency ramp, crashed through a metal barrier and plunged more than 650 feet into a ravine. Fifty-seven people were killed, including a 13-year-old boy.

Whoever wrote that IS I DON’T HAVE A WORD. INEXPLICABLY BENIGHTED. 57 people were killed including a 13-year-old boy.

i think i am going to cry for a little bit

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Learning some lessons

April 16, 2006
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Doing things now is so much better than doing things later, but I never seem to want to that. It’s much easier to just laze around watching the red light that warns planes that something is there.

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I usually get the roast beef on regular with mayo, hot peppers, lettuce and onions

April 15, 2006
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So because of one of my classes, HONR348J – Contemporary Social Issues (I’m sure you already know this robot), I’ve been made incredibly aware of the power of computers to collect our information from disparate locations. Everything we do is being collected and stored in large databases for pretty much anyone to gain access to. I’ve known this for a while, my mom is a pretty paranoid person who’s pretty protective of her privacy, and a lot of her teachings came to me. But to actually read what they can do. People can perform pretty invasive searches without you knowing it, and they do not have to be police. What stores did you go to yesterday? Didn’t buy anything? Doesn’t matter, someone knows…

I am 100% sure that these databases will be able to predict with not so stunning accuracy where I am going to eat tomorrow (either Potbelly’s, Chipotle, or Pita Pit), and that I am pretty likely to be studying for some big test since I discussed it in my previous post.

I just wanted to let whoever reads this, be it now or 45 years into the future when you’re doing a background check on me, that I see you.

Also, we had our SGA elections this past Wednesday. There was a referendum deciding whether the SGA should support the softening of marijuana laws on campus. 65% of College Park students said yes. I voted no. I mean it’s not the first time I have voted in something and not been with the majority but damn, I feel like 65% of the people are as moronic as the Bush reelectors. Just because UMD will not ban your ass from school for a year does not mean the laws in the State of Maryland of will not put something like “possession of marijuana” on your record. Soon 65% of College Park will be crying entrapment and apologizing to their mothers.

Personally, I’d find it disconcerting to be asked “are you high?” instead of “are you drunk?” I thought that this was America people.

I predict 65% of the voting body would vote for the reinstatement of public executions scheduled with simultaneous pagan canings of baby panda bears, and subsequent legal riots celebrating our incredible student athletes. Would you predict that information collecting robot?

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I’ve said it before

April 13, 2006
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Every year I think I post a few times attesting to the unbelievable acceleration that life seems to have. I am going to take measures to slow down each day, because soon I really will be 30, and I really will cry.

MCAT in 9 days, I’ve been trying to chill out while simultaneously keeping an intense study schedule up.

This semester has been pure hell workwise. Had I the time management skills that I professed I would learn upon matriculation, things would be dandy. This is probably true for all semesters.

On Tuesday, the rapper Proof died, and on the previous Friday, I made a post with the title “Proof”. People, I tell you I manifest things. I had a dream that Proof died sometime within the past three years. I am sure everyone has some form of latent psychic ability, but I just cannot believe what the people on this planet do to each other. Apparently he shot someone else right before getting shot himself. It is something I guess that is impossible for me to understand.

Fear is probably not a very strong word in a gangsta’s vocabulary. To take the step of pointing a gun at someone else, that’s how many years, 2? Then to pull the trigger, you’re going away for a long time. Luckily/unfortunately I don’t know, he was shot and killed. Second nature to them, incomprehensible to me. Hopefully I will not be killed by someone who does not subscribe to the doctrine of don’t kill me.

I’ve been working on manifesting good scores. I’ll keep doing that.

How many intelligent designers are there?

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Free of Perfumes and Dyes

April 8, 2006
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For the next two weeks, I will be inside a pressure cooker. Hopefully I’ll taste good when I am done. What seasonings should I put on myself?

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April 7, 2006
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Thursdays are the best. Had a wonderful evolution vs. intelligent design debate today in class. Well, it was more like an ID-stomp fest, however, it felt good. As a self-declared agnostic I always relish the opportunity to explore my religious thoughts, as this semester I have forced my mind to concentrate on the very issue of my Science GPA. For me, the worst thing about college is being forced to study one subject intensely. I suppose that it is the best way of evaluating academic rigor and a person’s ability to finish something, and most of us have to actually do/be something when we leave school. Still, it is unattractive.

Anyway, I am not sure how I was going to connect this to cancer, but I know that everyone has known a family member or a friend that has been touched by cancer. I’m currently fundraising for Relay for Life, the walkathon supporting cancer research. And as much as I feel kind of like a commercial peddling for donations, it is a very important cause. Cancer research is not cheap, and the advances that have been made could not be had they not had financial support.

So I know everyone is beyond broke, but if you could donate even just a little bit I would appreciate it so much. Here is a link to my donation page. I already have $230 of my $300 goal, and every little bit helps out. Thanks!

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i’ll tell you what a nucleon is, Mr. Flashcard

April 1, 2006
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April 1st. It doesn’t seem too April Foolsy today. Having it on the weekend has definitely ruined it, all I see here at Club McKay are hard-working unmischevious students.

I am a bit too attracted to girls with glasses. Especially the ones holed up in the corner glued to their books. Is it really fair that males have to think about sex around 1 million times a day? It’s like Mr. Flashcard: “Prolificus, what type of image does a converging mirror create when the object is placed beyond the focal point?” Me: “What? Go to Hell.” *Looks up* *Gorgeous, by definition bespectacled, studious female walks by with tremendous backpack* “Wow we’d be perfect together. She even has the cute little incredibly-useful bookmarks in her sprial notebook. Was that a british accent? My God.”* *Swoon*

That and the solution to the problem– I’ll call it this, is what I have been thinking about for the past 4 minutes. There should be anti-adhd buildings constructed on campus. Anyone who dares to be diagnosed as ADHD or declare a science major will be required to attend these anti-adhd buildings. Patent pending on my part. All white rooms, sans wireless internet, sans music, sans windows, sans all fun. All participants must sign a contract to smell good, but not overly so. Definitely no fucking food or drink allowed. Oh, and the talking –each syllable uttered shall cost 10 cents, and each sniffle-cough will cost 5 cents. There will be sleeping fines of $25 per offense.

I have not really developed the idea, but I would love something like that. I am a study-masochist.

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