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February 28, 2005
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No school once again!

Once upon a time, that meant spending the whole day playing video games. Today, I will spend the whole day playing video games, unless anyone else has anything cooler to do. Please someone, have something cooler to do.

So I’m on four hours of sleep. But I’m not going back to bed! I was able to wake up and start the laundry that’s been begging to be done. The thing about waking up early is that you actually feel things, like hunger, thirst, horniess that you must control with food, etcetera. Except on snow days, the main source of food does not open for business until 11:00 AM.

I’m going to enter the litfest contest that the English Department sponsors every year. An excuse for me to be creative. My friends don’t think that I’m creative, if only they were on my level. Non-cultivated imagination my ass. The thing is, I don’t know any details about the contest. I’ll get on that.

All of these sick kids everywhere. If only everyone washed their damn hands, I know that at least 60% of these people wouldn’t be sick.

Oh yeah, girls, or guys who don’t know. Don’t ever shake a male’s hand unless you know them very well or absolutely have to. A lot of guys simply come to the bathroom, unzip, do their business, zip up and walk out. Sans flush, sans sanitation of hands. Why don’t they flush, I don’t understand, and why they don’t wash their hands, I don’t understand. I think they learn at home that it’s okay to be fucking disgusting. Maybe they don’t believe in soap and bacteria. Maybe they’re allergic to being clean. MAYBE THEY’RE LAZY DIRTY-DIRTY PEOPLE. You live in America, follow the guidelines set forth by Johnson & Johnson and use the what human intelligence has bestowed upon thou.

I love soap and showers, but I realize my hygienical probity probably pretty much isn’t shared by everyone.

I think I’m going to run for Senator when I’m 51, in the year 2036, and I wish I had gone to the library so I could’ve finally read Bill Clinton’s book today. Today it’ll it’s looking like video games and finance books. A little Gabriel García Márquez today too.


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no socks on

February 27, 2005
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One of these life-wise realizations follows:

I’m so comfortable around white people, and a little uncomfortable around black people. It’s a sick twisted kind of reverse racism that comes from growing up in highly white suburbs, the general lack of black companions. If I took a survey of all of my friends on facebook (because that is the definite list of all of my friends, haha), I think only 4 out of 82 would be black.

What the hell, where’s my diversity? I know, I’m a weird kid. It’s okay though, life is more beautiful the more weird you are.

Last Spring, I had a black roommate, and I found myself changing my behavior drastically to fit in with him. I was such a cute little freshman. It’s whats on the inside that counts.

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February 21, 2005
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So over the weekend I drank a little again. All part of the becoming normal, and experiencing life. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but only that I had fun.

For me the experience is all worth it. Even if it’s only a little risky in that getting caught would be very bad for future scholarships and etc., it’s just me being bored and wanting to try new things. I get bored with the same things quite quickly. I even get bored of telling people howI don’t like reptition. I think it’s why I like the news so much, and why I like the stock market.

They’re never the same. Pretty much. Next up, PCP. Wait no, I think that’s probably too hardcore.

On Saturday I got my new American Heritage Dictionary! I forgot the first word that I looked up to christen it, but it’ll come back to me, and I’ll tell you guys.

Laying out plans about where I’m going to live next year. I’m going to live with my best friend who’s sense of humor matches mine nearly 95%, it’s that last 5% that will make every day hilarious. But his girlfriend, have to stay away! Hmm, I’m such a boy at this time of night.

Most of the day all I think about is how those admissions boards will look at my grades. Some people tell me I behave like I’m 50 years old, but at night I’m really 19 and I’m grateful that I have my youth.

Maybe that means I really am 50 if I have the ability to be grateful for my youth.

*takes out dentures*

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February 16, 2005
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Monday and Tuesday were amusing. Entertainment central!

Generally, the most amusing thing is the self-destruction that people partake in, and then the subsequent bitching about it. So with that sentence, I must admit I amuse myself with my own silly little foibles/whinings in the adventures of me.

For example, I’m writing in here because I am in love all of you and also because I feel done with studying for my organic chemistry exam. Feeling done and being done are very different things as I’m sure most of you know being native English speakers. If I get anything less than an A on the exam, my silly little college park world will collapse and I’ll start the depressing cycle of bemusingly kicking little pebbles around, and playing with my diner food in a really sad way –with those long, sorrowful sighs. But eventually I’ll laugh it off. It’ll be fodder for another amusing day. Valentine’s day seems to be the time of the year where things get pretty damn amusing!

Today, I have an interview to become a counselor. The person who is going to interview me has an interesting name; Ría. I put that accent in there on my own. It’s so easy to remember, and with three letters it has two syllables. Incredible. I’m going to woo her with my knowledge of her name, and with my knowledge of all fifty of the fifty states in the United States. I like the word state today. — Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia… i use that song we sang in 5th grade.

i’m dropping out, with the fifty-nifty United States I can do anything.

P.S. hawaii idaho illinois indiana. iowa kansas kentuckly louisiana maine maryland massachussetts michigan minnesota mississippi, missouri, montana, nebraskaaaaaaaa, nevaaaaaddaaaaaa, new hampshire new jersey, new mexico, new york, north carolinaanorthdakotaaaa ohiiioooooo, oklahomaoregonpenslyvania, rhode island south carolina, south dakota tennessee texassss! utah, vermont, virginia washington, west virgina wisconsin, wyoooommmmingggg

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Permanent Marker

February 13, 2005
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I escaped from UMD this weekend. I had a medium-length To-Do list for this weekend in my head, but none of it has been completed. That’s what happens when you keep it inside of your head. Procrastination is so easy when you can make your mind temporarily forget “important” things. How bad of me.

I don’t care. I’m content. I’m content with the temperature inside of my house. It’s perfect for any amount of clothing. From naked to space suits, comfort guaranteed. Gosh, if only I weren’t so comfortable…work would easy to complete. I think that’s the thinking behind the College Park residential halls. Sardines are workhorses.

That was a stretch. Oh, the other day I participated in a fitness test. I did 27 push-ups until I fatigued, which was average for a 19 year old male. I did 44 sit-ups in 60 seconds, good for a 19 year old male. The sit-and-reach majig, i stretched 15.25 inches, average for a 19 year old male. So I’m okay except for one part. I did a step test for three minutes, to test my heart rate. My heartrate was 123 (beats per minute). 123 is poor for a 19 year old male.

I’ve always kind of had that senior-citizen cardiac muscle though. Running even 1 mile has always been redicuously difficult. 2 miles? Ha, make sure it’s a nice memorial service for me guys. Luckily there was this other guy there who also had a crappy heartrate even though he did great on the push-ups, sit-ups and So this semester, I am stepping up the cardio.

I’m like the lion from the Wizard of Oz, but listening to eye of the tiger. Or like what’s his name from Captain Planet. Heart! Fitter happier? More productive?

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To Flirt

February 11, 2005
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With my self-imposed injunction on caring what certain other people think, I’ve become a flirt monster.

My flirting comes and goes, and generally, I flirt with people I shouldn’t be flirting with. Por ejemplo, I flirt with my best friend’s girlfriend way too often. Does it make me an asshole? I can’t tell. As long as she knows I’m joking.

But I don’t like to say I’m joking.

So these other girls that I flirt with. The flirting stays subtle, until a few minutes later I realize that we’ve gotten physically a little bit closer, and we’re talking in a different tone. Some of these girls have boyfriends, and I try to curb the way I nudge them, and inflate their ego, etc. Why can’t I flirt with single girls?

Something inside prevents me from being that guy who boyfriends would murder, and I guess I’m thankful for that, I want to live. I want to catch up, socially. Even if that means going backwards in intellectual maturity. I want stories to share, have more people to know intimately instead of those plain, did you do the Physics HW relationships. For lack of a less effeminate phrase, I want passion.

I have to break out of the shell all of the way.

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prolificus es paciente

February 8, 2005
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My boss thinks I suck.
At work, I don’t really open up, or tell what I’m really thinking. My supervisor has this interesting way of turning everything against you, and belaboring his little funny until you can’t stop your eyes semi-permanently rolling back.

He lets little things slip out like, “he’s a good worker but he has no personality at all”, “he’s nice most of the time”.

I know you’re a joker but I’m nice all of the time mister. ALso, I don’t think it’s possible to have “no personality”

las puntas otras:
– I want to purchase a nice fat, American Heritage Dictionary so badly. My fingers actually yearn if you can relate, yet I can hear my mom’s voice saying “you don’t need that, you already have…” that’s some effective parenting. Good work mother.
– Apparently everyone on my floor is going to purchase a gun. Safer? Come to Maryland everyone.
– I wanted to do a survey. I even copied it. I went to paste, and then felt compelled to not.
– I was in the lounge, writing a paper and in 5 people came in, not simultaneously, about 10 minutes apart each, and told me I’m always in there, take a break. It was a little embarassing. I had to keep sheepishly denying it. “Nuh-uhhhh…I have a paper due Thursday” One told me my ability to focus is superhuman. *Blush* I tried to play it cool watched some TV to fit in a little. I broke the dorkometer today.

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February 6, 2005
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People all have an image that they want to maintain. Some images are so irritating, so far from the truth, I can do nothing but wrestle with the diction needed to describe them.

That is all for now.

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Sorry Abe

February 1, 2005
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I apologize for my inconsiderate unbest friend-like behavior in 10th grade Abe. Really, I just sort of pushed it out of memory. I’m glad that you’re of such strong character.

To make up for it, today I fell on the ice in front of the diner, with 10-15 witnesses who could also tell this story. I was carrying some groceries from the incon, and when I fell, my 32 oz. cranberry juice exploded, my egg salad sandwich spilled out of its plastic safe haven onto the other imperiled items, and I scraped my knee. The good thing news is that somehow, I didn’t tear my jeans. I guess it’s also good that it didn’t happen at dinner time, where all of north campus would have seen my uneloquent collapse.

I received a fantastic email this morning that makes that tremendously embarrassing story not matter.

I like life.

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