I have ideas

January 31, 2005
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I have ideas about things to tell you guys. However, I always forget said ideas by the time I come to this friendly, but perhaps a little too large entry box. So it’s going to be things that were on my mind in the last 30 seconds. Like a goldfish, I cannot remember much. It’s a side effect of being a chemistry student. I’m becoming that absent-minded guy in a lab coat who forgets his keys and his ID, but can solve goofy physics problems. Here are some fairly shallow thoughts for now.

– Sooner or later I am going to bite the bullet and say more than a friendly hello to this girl. Hope she’s not a lesbian.
– Those other girls too, monogamy is an interesting restriction.
– Girls, stop playing around, if you want us just say so it’d make things so much easier.

– This morning in Spanish, the teacher asked if anyone is shy. I was the only one who raised my hand. I am still allowed to call myself shy?
– I think I’ve graduated from shy to reserved. That probably makes more sense.

– The more I learn about history, the more that religion seems to be insane.
– No offense all of you religion guys.

– Back to the girls thing, I’m kind of disturbed about getting older. I should take this opportunity to have a young lady-friend while I am still their age.
– Girls, seriously, stop playing around, if you would just make the first real move, things would go a lot smoother.
– My spanish teacher is attractive, but…

– a lot of girls have pink text
– I remember when a best friend and I would use blatantly flaming pink, purple, pink & purple, purple & pink fonts just for the hell of it in 9th grade.
– brings a tear to my eye, and makes me want to slow way down because everyone is turning 20 and is losing the kid in them

– I left my gym bag at home and I have been blaming my gym absenteeism on it
– If I were hotter, I would so totally not be afraid to say anything outloud.
– The only true methods to get hotter are to get a haircut, and go to the gym, in any order, also intoxicate the opposite sex with intoxicants. (can it be done simultaneously?)

– Girls, we appreciate it when you make the move first, please fight through our reserved-forcefield.
– We understand if we’re not hot enough
– It makes us reserved

I’m not feeling to great about this, but…there’s a lot to say and it’s bed time for little beat-up sophomores.


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Game Over

January 20, 2005
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This break has done something to me. Now, instead of feeling lazy at home, I look now look upon school as being carefree. The structure, the massive amounts of work, the social axioms, are all breaks from reality. College is not real. I now smile when I think of having exams. This is some kind of game, and I think I’ve won.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some kind of drug-induced arrogance. I think it comes from being a little bit older, being a lot less afraid of what that place can actually do to me. I want to circumvent this part of life and feel useful. Feel needed. I like the wisdom that comes with age though. Perhaps in three weeks I will look upon this entry, and tell myself that three weeks ago that I was a dumbass, and that it’s likely that I still am one.

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I propose that we have a baby

January 8, 2005
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I’m going through this phase right now, and it’s scary. I want some children.

I’m only 19, and it totally would not be me taking care of it most of the time. Also, it would totally would ruin my life. But still I want some. I catch myself going to the 529 college savings plan’s website, seeing how much it would cost per month to keep one up. How much of my measly $7.50 an hour would have to go to make sure that Prolificus Jr. can attend Harvard, little James can attend Columbia, little Ashley can attend UC-Berkley, and their various medical/law/graduate school costs.

They’re going to be far from spoiled, but I do not think that they should have to pay for their education and be saddled with the despair of debt. I want them to be financially independant afterwards, and it’s hard to do that when you’re paying $300,000 to finish school. $300,000 * 3 = $900,000. Not to mention the bundles of money it costs raising them.

Interestingly alarming.

Okay, I only want two children. Only I am extremely apprehensive about getting married. I’m going to have to work this out somehow.

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January 4, 2005
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Coming back home makes me feel lazy.

Three semesters of being away has drastically changed my opinion on being useless. I don’t like it. It’s hard to get around being useless, when your mother encourages relaxation, and your brother is the dictionary definition. When I’m encouraged to be still and it’s my sibling is overwhelmingly useless, I lose the vigor that being useful requires.

I try to clean up the mess in the house that has accumulated in my four months of absence, yet my knees get weak when you know that it’s just going to regress in two weeks time. Then i sit down, broken, and watch West Wing. I then become reinspired to clean up so that someday, somehow, I will have the bitchin’ Georgetown apartment, the important job, the loaded bank account, and of course the wit and humor that the characters have on West Wing.

I think I’ll say bitchin’ again sometime today.

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