November 6, 2007
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Along with television as one of the many things that I’ve cut out of my diet since entering medical school, there lies Facebook. Three years ago, during my sophomore year of college, I was one of the early adopters of facebook. I loved it, like 90% of the people who join it do, and I spent far too much time on it. Hell, I still remember when you had to type in to get to it.

Every now and then Facebook and I would get into a fight. Usually it was over privacy concerns, as I was raised to be a very private person. Both my mother and father are ultra-private, even about things I feel I should know about them. One of my bank accounts I share with my father, and every now and then he’ll say, “I see you’ve purchased blah-blah,” which deeply irritates me. So you can understand my ire when Facebook started to creep into my life even further. So I, in perhaps a fit of depression, said fuck Facebook, and cut myself out of its ever-growing loop.

I’ve had some withdrawal symptoms, that’s for sure. In the past three weeks, I’ve tried to log in 10 times, I know, I’ve got the “this is how you reactivate it” emails to prove it. Friends have come up to me and asked, why did you quit Facebook? I usually tell them it wasn’t good enough for me, or that I needed to spend more time reading, studying, sleeping, being alive etc. I’ve received a few visceral responses, “Why are you so weak-willed?!”, “You’re missing out!”. Both ironic yet mostly true. If I weren’t so weak-willed, I’d be able to time manage properly I’d be able to do everything I want. It was Jefferson who said to his daughter, “It is wonderful how much may be done by always doing.” Until I can win the battle over avarices like Facebook and television, they’ll have to stay in the corner.