Baltimore is trying to b hip

April 17, 2008
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Yuk yuk yuk. I crack myself up.

Anyway, the other day I was on Fark, reading that insanity about Mayor Dixon possibly not being the mayor on account of her not having the correct documents signed (that’s another post).

I read about it on the Baltimore Sun’s new free magazine which targeted to 18-34 year olds,

The first thing I thought about as I began to read the article was to look at the picture of Ms. Lori Barrett, the journalist who wrote the article, the journalist who is a cutie and my new favorite local mini-celebrity, the journalist who seems to be doing a lot of the initial writing for the site.

Those initial testosterone-driven thoughts activated my ambition and I thought, I should get back to blogging more reguarly. So here I am, and Ms. Barrett, would you like to go out on a date?

I have yet to plumb through bthesite, but it does fill the hole that I’ve had in my heart ever since I left the D.C. area, which had plenty of local blogging and the DCist, one of my favorites. I admit, I am still a newb to the scene, but I want to deeply love Baltimore, maybe will help. The Wire has given me oodles of skepticism reserved for the Sun and any of its derivatives. I’ll give it a fair and unbiased try.

There’s already plenty of competition here, with Express, Urbanite, and City Paper. However, the more competetive the free information market, the better for everyone. Urbanite is too full of ads, and the writing that gets in their distribution always aggravates me. I don’t have full opinons on the others yet…