My pledge to not follow Terrapin sports for at least the next thirty years | November 11, 2007



I never really understood the alumni connection to a university. I’m probably just very jaded, and maybe I will come to regret this pledge. I was a Biochemistry major stretched too thin, and the the unfortunate circumstances of 2003-2007 did nothing to activate my love of Maryland football and basketball. and perhaps I will have to duel myself to regain my honor, haha.

Anyway, I don’t care. Even if my future wife is an enormous fan, she will understand that I do not give a damn.

It’s more than just being a person tinctured with venomous hate for his own alma mater, though. The NCAA has created a system of whackiness like the BCS and the way that money gets distributed to the coaches that perhaps I will expound upon when I feel a bit less lazy. Most of my dislike for it has to deal with the fact that it is such a weird reason to get young adults to attend a school. It’s also a weird way of allowing students to get a free ride. The only plausible argument is that it works to build community, which is dubious because of the high number of schools that seem to do fine without sports every which way. For students to pin all of their hopes in these athlete-student (99% athlete) hybrids is a little sick. We’ll fix this problem America.


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