How to look like a psychopath | November 6, 2007

Wired has an article about Hans Reiser, the man who’s company invented ReiserFS. ReiserFS is a decent filesystem that you’d only be familiar with if you run a machine with a flavor of linux on it. He is being accused of murdering his estranged wife, whom he was going through a terrible divorce with.

The thing I like about this case is that Reiser’s intelligence is being used against him. i.e., He enrolled in Berkeley THREE YEARS AHEAD OF HIS AGE GROUP, WTF HE MUST’VE DONE IT. I admit, he does a good job of looking like someone who looks like he could get away with murder. And his freakish ability to memorize large amounts of information will certainly scare the jurors, because if there is anything that United States citizens fear, it’s people with brain…talent. This explains the president we have had for the previous seven years.

Reiser is arguing that his wife is probably still alive somewhere in Russia. One of the wife’s ex-lover’s happens to be a serial killer who confessed to eight murders, but denies murdering the wife. Only on planet earth.

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