Deliverance | July 8, 2007

Right now I (momentarily) find myself the closest to my own (momentary) definition of an insane person. In this state, I step outside of myself and become my proto-me, I send pertinent e-mails out because if I don’t I’ll lose money in an unrelated partition of my life, I smile at things that I don’t find funny for the same reason, I abstain from looking from looking at pornography because of possible socioeconomic enslavement of the actors, I refrain from downloading music of deceased persons (out of respect, man) and other strange things. Pretending it all makes a difference amps up my drive for a few more hours until I slink back into my real, more pragmatic ways which are in every way the opposite of above. Caffeine & etc., bringing to you & me, bursts of youth. If we only got paid to be humans (inconsistent, indecisive, superstitious, afraid, insane).


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