A fine Macedonian beer | July 5, 2007

One job I think I would thoroughly relish is writing absurd commercials which advertise products which seem equally as absurd, but the product itself would make life less absurd. Absurd humor is the best kind. I constantly curl up on the couch, grinning and snickering to myself while I scheme and imagine the endless amounts of childish entertainment that I would derive watching people’s reactions to my nonsensical commercials. The reaction that would give me the greatest pleasure would be from the person who had already seen my absurd commercials before, been shocked or whatever first response they had, then they’d smile and show it to their friends, just to see their reaction. I would then put those people in a commercial, the action of showing the person the commercial on tv or Youtube or whatever, and these interlocutors would then be hit by a comet, and then I would advertise something about paying attention to what scientists say. Delicious!

The next P. Madison commercial: investing in Macedonia. But that’s not absurd.

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