Ah we rets | January 27, 2007

From now on, you can preface any of my posts with instead of doing work.

So I’ve been working on my family tree. It’s been a massive undertaking, but enormously rewarding. My little world has swelled to 138 relatives, and it hasn’t stopped growing yet. It really is something that you can work on for your entire life, because familes never stop growing.

(Instead of doing work)I just watched Babel, and I’m onto Apocalypse Now. Babel was pretty good. I enjoy Cate Blanchett, even if she didn’t play the most humongous part. I enjoy actors expressing pain. It’s human. Apocalypse Now seems like it is endlessly quotable. It’s refreshing to see all of these older actors immortalized in their youthful forms.

Still trapped.

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