Adhd | January 8, 2007

I am back in Minnesota, and it’s nice to be back in a place that’s familiar and unfamiliar, so much different than Maryland, so much the same as Maryland, and cold. I missed winter. All the same faces are here, although hairier and paler because of the effects of the season. People here seem to be sick as well, a phenomenon I forgot about, what with Maryland’s global warmed 70 degree January days.

One thing that I do like I have realized — being in places for short amount of time. There is a since of purpose to each day. Semesters are too long for me now, I find it hard to focus from time to time, let’s be honest — all the time.

Every time I use dashes in my writing like the paragraph above, I wonder why the fuck I am using dashes. I have been raised to not use them in my writing, but I am painfully aware that I used them in my medical school applications. I’m not even sure if I am using them correctly, but my writing is imitating my speech more and more.

I haven’t speaking very much lately. I heard on NPR that men speak 7,000 words a day and women speak 20,000. I would say that when school ends I average around 3,000. With the combination of being enrolled in spanish, my grammar has gone out the window. When I speak I sound like someone who learned English at age 20, or maybe closer to some kind of special education student. It’s not working to my benefit.


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