Opium | January 4, 2007

I have been revealing a reviled secret to my friends and family — I do indeed, hate college football. College basketball is up there too, but having played competitive basketball at some points in my life I understand what the players are going through a lot better.

My reasons for hating college sports run deep, but with college football, they generally run around the fact that there is no true playoff to determine a true champion, just a bunch of teams playing a lineup of endless of bowl games. I fucking hate this time of year. College sports are bad in general because the games are more or less, amateur hour. I do not want to watch these self-besotted athletes who are only okay at their sport be involved in such strangely lopsided contests. I like parity.

On the flip side, I always come back down to earth when I’m reminded that they are kids my age playing. I was in a College Park bar yesterday, and the Notre Dame/LSU game was on. One of the players on the LSU side made a tremendous play, and then all of a sudden I was overcome with jealousy. To do something well on the football field, to have the more than 72,000 human beings in attendance and millions watching on television gasp in awe, love you, want to have your babies, be shocked, say “wow” — must be the ultimate drug. Nothing can come close to the adrenaline rush one must feel when that happens. That is fucking entertainment, and I now envy the entertainers.

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