Bout | October 24, 2006

So my recent bouts of senioritis have grown more and more with each passing day. Instead of working, what do I do with myself? I am kind of afraid of telling y’all, because there is no doubt the monster I will show you is pure sloth. But perhaps by revealing it, I will become disgusted with myself and motivate myself to actually do something well before it is due.

What have I done in the previous ten days:
1) I have watched almost two full season of HBO’s Deadwood
2) I have watched all of the Family Guy that I have missed over the past two years due to Sunday nights being my catchup day.
3) I have slept in every free break possible skipping one class for three weeks in a row.
5) Slothily finishing medical school applications.

It is some kind of illness really. And whenever I do make it to class, my head is filled with the delusions of freshman, sophomore and junior year — I attempt to plan out my day, noting exactly how organized I am going to become, how prepared I am going to be, and how great I’ll feel when I do. Once I enter my apartment, my bed looks too warm and yummy for me to stay away, and I forget my plans to better my life. This is the eternal struggle of a procrastinator.

Maybe I am sleeping so much because I am still growing. Here is to height.

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