I usually get the roast beef on regular with mayo, hot peppers, lettuce and onions | April 15, 2006

So because of one of my classes, HONR348J – Contemporary Social Issues (I’m sure you already know this robot), I’ve been made incredibly aware of the power of computers to collect our information from disparate locations. Everything we do is being collected and stored in large databases for pretty much anyone to gain access to. I’ve known this for a while, my mom is a pretty paranoid person who’s pretty protective of her privacy, and a lot of her teachings came to me. But to actually read what they can do. People can perform pretty invasive searches without you knowing it, and they do not have to be police. What stores did you go to yesterday? Didn’t buy anything? Doesn’t matter, someone knows…

I am 100% sure that these databases will be able to predict with not so stunning accuracy where I am going to eat tomorrow (either Potbelly’s, Chipotle, or Pita Pit), and that I am pretty likely to be studying for some big test since I discussed it in my previous post.

I just wanted to let whoever reads this, be it now or 45 years into the future when you’re doing a background check on me, that I see you.

Also, we had our SGA elections this past Wednesday. There was a referendum deciding whether the SGA should support the softening of marijuana laws on campus. 65% of College Park students said yes. I voted no. I mean it’s not the first time I have voted in something and not been with the majority but damn, I feel like 65% of the people are as moronic as the Bush reelectors. Just because UMD will not ban your ass from school for a year does not mean the laws in the State of Maryland of will not put something like “possession of marijuana” on your record. Soon 65% of College Park will be crying entrapment and apologizing to their mothers.

Personally, I’d find it disconcerting to be asked “are you high?” instead of “are you drunk?” I thought that this was America people.

I predict 65% of the voting body would vote for the reinstatement of public executions scheduled with simultaneous pagan canings of baby panda bears, and subsequent legal riots celebrating our incredible student athletes. Would you predict that information collecting robot?

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