I’ve said it before | April 13, 2006

Every year I think I post a few times attesting to the unbelievable acceleration that life seems to have. I am going to take measures to slow down each day, because soon I really will be 30, and I really will cry.

MCAT in 9 days, I’ve been trying to chill out while simultaneously keeping an intense study schedule up.

This semester has been pure hell workwise. Had I the time management skills that I professed I would learn upon matriculation, things would be dandy. This is probably true for all semesters.

On Tuesday, the rapper Proof died, and on the previous Friday, I made a post with the title “Proof”. People, I tell you I manifest things. I had a dream that Proof died sometime within the past three years. I am sure everyone has some form of latent psychic ability, but I just cannot believe what the people on this planet do to each other. Apparently he shot someone else right before getting shot himself. It is something I guess that is impossible for me to understand.

Fear is probably not a very strong word in a gangsta’s vocabulary. To take the step of pointing a gun at someone else, that’s how many years, 2? Then to pull the trigger, you’re going away for a long time. Luckily/unfortunately I don’t know, he was shot and killed. Second nature to them, incomprehensible to me. Hopefully I will not be killed by someone who does not subscribe to the doctrine of don’t kill me.

I’ve been working on manifesting good scores. I’ll keep doing that.

How many intelligent designers are there?

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