Proof | April 7, 2006

Thursdays are the best. Had a wonderful evolution vs. intelligent design debate today in class. Well, it was more like an ID-stomp fest, however, it felt good. As a self-declared agnostic I always relish the opportunity to explore my religious thoughts, as this semester I have forced my mind to concentrate on the very issue of my Science GPA. For me, the worst thing about college is being forced to study one subject intensely. I suppose that it is the best way of evaluating academic rigor and a person’s ability to finish something, and most of us have to actually do/be something when we leave school. Still, it is unattractive.

Anyway, I am not sure how I was going to connect this to cancer, but I know that everyone has known a family member or a friend that has been touched by cancer. I’m currently fundraising for Relay for Life, the walkathon supporting cancer research. And as much as I feel kind of like a commercial peddling for donations, it is a very important cause. Cancer research is not cheap, and the advances that have been made could not be had they not had financial support.

So I know everyone is beyond broke, but if you could donate even just a little bit I would appreciate it so much. Here is a link to my donation page. I already have $230 of my $300 goal, and every little bit helps out. Thanks!


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