i’ll tell you what a nucleon is, Mr. Flashcard | April 1, 2006

April 1st. It doesn’t seem too April Foolsy today. Having it on the weekend has definitely ruined it, all I see here at Club McKay are hard-working unmischevious students.

I am a bit too attracted to girls with glasses. Especially the ones holed up in the corner glued to their books. Is it really fair that males have to think about sex around 1 million times a day? It’s like Mr. Flashcard: “Prolificus, what type of image does a converging mirror create when the object is placed beyond the focal point?” Me: “What? Go to Hell.” *Looks up* *Gorgeous, by definition bespectacled, studious female walks by with tremendous backpack* “Wow we’d be perfect together. She even has the cute little incredibly-useful bookmarks in her sprial notebook. Was that a british accent? My God.”* *Swoon*

That and the solution to the problem– I’ll call it this, is what I have been thinking about for the past 4 minutes. There should be anti-adhd buildings constructed on campus. Anyone who dares to be diagnosed as ADHD or declare a science major will be required to attend these anti-adhd buildings. Patent pending on my part. All white rooms, sans wireless internet, sans music, sans windows, sans all fun. All participants must sign a contract to smell good, but not overly so. Definitely no fucking food or drink allowed. Oh, and the talking –each syllable uttered shall cost 10 cents, and each sniffle-cough will cost 5 cents. There will be sleeping fines of $25 per offense.

I have not really developed the idea, but I would love something like that. I am a study-masochist.

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