Bloop Bloop | March 15, 2006

The best pain is the soreness two days after your trip to the gym.

If you walk home in the early hours of the morning in College Park, Maryland, you shan’t see squirrels, but you’ll see rabbits. The experimental goal is to catch one and determine if it morphs into a squirrel at 7:00 AM when people begin to wake up for their classes, and if it does, characterize the mechanism bitches.

I think about changing my major everyday, that’s been a constant in my life. This semester, I have one of those classes that enhances the strength of these thoughts to straight-up fantasizing about being an intern on Capitol Hill. But I convince myself that I should not do the things that I love, and don’t fret, because then my unbiased perspective will twist. If my homework is only interesting because it expands my mind and is something I have to work hard to understand, so be it. Let the arty, undeniably human things in life be my vice.

Happy belated Pi day.

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