On Dehydrogenase | March 5, 2006

Yea to alcohol.

Yea to education.

Nay to the ejection of stomach contents.

Nay to being corrected by 11 year olds.

Next item for Jonathanlysis:
I have been considering the purchase of an iPod. Who the fuck doesn’t have one you ask? I have been putting this purchase off for various reasons, and the latest one that seems to be working for me is that I want I do not want to go deaf. However, the male urge to buy an expensive gadget is all too overwhelming and I keep dreaming about much better I’ll be able to write the mechanisms of various enzymes and their substrates.

Yea to an iPod.

The only reason that I would want to watch the Oscars would be to be able to answer Jeopardy! questions. I get a little sick to my stomach watching these gorgeous people thingies.

Nay to the Oscars. But I do love you Nicole Kidman, no matter how tall you are.

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