estamos listos para ayudarle | February 27, 2006

As I was sitting in the union today catching up on some MCAT studying, this young girl (18 years old I guess) sat next to me on the couch and proceeded to stare off into nothingnness. That’s alright I could handle that. That’s not too weird. Then she curls up on the couch and takes like a three minute nap. Again, not too weird. But my radar had definitely been spooked by then. She stirs from her catnap, takes out her notes, and then begins to whisper them to herself, not too weird, mostly annoying. But for every “s” sound or c sound, she raised her voice to audible level but then returned. My first thought was to declare her a wackjob, but I glanced over to see if she was practicing pronouncing some language or being a linguist so I could forgive her for her intrusion into my thoughts, but no, it was environmental biology or something. I forgave her though as she was keeping me awake.

I consider myself the gap between weird people and normal people. I have things in common with both, I can easily discuss the Orioles’ prospects while high-fiving my roommate for his latest sexual conquest while dominating my other roommate in Madden 2006, and I can delve into details about any given Star Trek: TNG episode while drinking papaya juice watching Telemundo contemplating when I’m going to move to Mexico. I’m half-weird and half-normal, which I think is the best of both worlds (whatever made up dichotomy this is). I can relate to almost everyone, no matter how insane or how mainstream.

This has its consequences, as no one really gets the same Prolificus. I wonder what my true self is. I have no choice but to create a clone and live with him on an island in the Pacific for a month, keeping a journal. Then I’ll publish that shit and become Governor. Life goal #104. Yes!

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