booboo | February 16, 2006

In a instantaneous introspective moment, I decided to list my pet peeves. I’ve only come up with two major ones.

1) Humiliation, public or private
2) Videotapes of people hitting their heads –getting injured in general

I suppose that these two are related to each other, but I cannot stand them. Both make me sick to my stomach. I think the humiliation part comes from being humiliated often while growing up. Whether I was fat, had a big head, had crazy teeth, crazy clothes, been the color of my skin, not acting the color of my skin enough etc. So I made friends with people who also disliked the humiliation part of life. The kids not genetically blessed with exactly the right countenance to be popular. It’s grown into this moral outrage at any unjustified humiliation of any kind. Please refrain from humiliating others. It will make the world a much happier place.

Also, don’t watch dumb tapes of people being mauled by lions.


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