Yo | July 26, 2005

In an effort to contain some jumble of thoughts that are spilling out of my brain, I write:

Hi everyone. I have returned from the United States of Mexico, and I return with my heart beating, outside of a coffin. My mom does not have to bury my body.

So what I come back with, I’m not sure, and I don’t know, and I don’t know what I’m not sure about. I come back with lots of silver. I was staying in Taxco, Guerrero, which is pretty much the silver capital of Mexico. Silver is remarkably cheap there, and I was forced by my mama to bring back hordes of it.

A horde isn’t what I brought back though, because I’m male, and I’m not quite sure how to buy silver. I stare at it, and ponder it’s value. Then I ponder why people need to wear jewelry at all, and then it’s a struggle to not get sick at the sight of silver EVERYWHERE.

So I come back with silver, approximately 450 photos, a possible tan, 7 or 8 books stashed in my head, and a greater love of life. More to come.

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