the head | May 31, 2005

Often times, I wonder how a celebrity can stand the attention. How can one wake up, turn on the news and see his own face? How can one face seeing his own face? If I were a celebrity I’d be hard-pressed to keep my self-esteem high. Hell, I’d be hard-pressed to open my window. I currently find it difficult to even open my email, and see what bad news is waiting there to depress me or rile me up. At least I can travel to and read about some(one)(thing) else. So when I write in LJ, what am I doing? Am I making news about myself, or am I just doing the silly meta-self posts that only sporadically have the potential to be more than the news? Yeah…

So I’ll put a little news up about myself instead of attempting to elaborate on my meta-introspection:

In 7 days, I am going to Mexico for six weeks to study spanish. But most importantly, I’m going to freaking grow. I’m tired of being in familar environments. Not only tired, but somewhat uncomfortable with comfort. I’m uncomfortable with the small strange world that I’ve been kept in.

Also, I have this tremendous urge to write all of my entries in Spanish, but I’ll hold off, haha.

For the past 7 days, I’ve made a list (in my head of course) of the things I’ve been meaning to acquire before my trip. But like all things in my brain, they fall in and out without question I forget and reremember and then reforget, only to rereremember, in no particular order. I have no idea about the other things, But top on that list is to see people.

So this week, I’m going to get remotivated, and reattack life while I am still in this pretty little green state called Maryland.
I’m going to visit friends before I desert them for the summer.

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