if you’re going to hide in several points of view | April 6, 2005

It’s everywhere. The innuendo, the longer looks, the more skin being shown, and little bit of sweat. Perhaps it’s not in that order, but it’s spring time, and it’s a great time to be young. It’s a silly time.

Anyway, I like how everything is relative in life. For example, Jane may be the shyest person James knows. But Jane may know someone even more shy. I like that idea, of people having extremes, and then people having extreme extremes.

So that leads me to my story, apparently I’m some uncontrollable lothario according to my Biochem colleague. Ha!

When people are told things like that, trouble starts. They leave their reality behind. Their self-confidence increases, and they push the lotharioism doctrine to new heights, flicking off any gnats that happen to get in the way. They walk sexier, they talk sexier, they smile wider, they cross their legs suggestively, the room is brightest only if they’re present. It’s as if they’ve been granted new self-esteem powers, and they affect the universe’s joy equilibrium.

Then you see someone who really knows you thinks it’s strange how strange they’re acting, and he/she tells you to stop acting so weird. And then I’m back to reality, in the library, without the brightness of the other me.


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