in sens it ive in con sid er ate | March 13, 2005

“Hurrrry uppp”

I hated those words. Those were the words that sometimes almost made me cry when I trekked the 20 minutes across campus to visit her. After a while I kind of expected to hear them, but when I heard them, they hurt. How could she tell me to hurry up and get through the door because it’s cold outside/I’m moving too slow, after I had come in inclimate conditions, in dangerous conditions, after having a much more strenuous day, being ill, being normal. I’ll tell you how, in infinitive form. TO BE INCONSIDERATE. The me visiting her/her visiting me ratio ended up something like 350:1 that semester. Still those evil inconsiderate words. After letting her know about it, it still happened.

So I guess it’s a character flaw, the kind that you overlook and hide the pain it causes until when you look back at it in a few months, it’s an disgusting creature that can ruin the brightest of days. Humans are complex, and simple things increase our complexity.

Pick your words carefully idiots!

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