nieve para hoy | February 28, 2005

No school once again!

Once upon a time, that meant spending the whole day playing video games. Today, I will spend the whole day playing video games, unless anyone else has anything cooler to do. Please someone, have something cooler to do.

So I’m on four hours of sleep. But I’m not going back to bed! I was able to wake up and start the laundry that’s been begging to be done. The thing about waking up early is that you actually feel things, like hunger, thirst, horniess that you must control with food, etcetera. Except on snow days, the main source of food does not open for business until 11:00 AM.

I’m going to enter the litfest contest that the English Department sponsors every year. An excuse for me to be creative. My friends don’t think that I’m creative, if only they were on my level. Non-cultivated imagination my ass. The thing is, I don’t know any details about the contest. I’ll get on that.

All of these sick kids everywhere. If only everyone washed their damn hands, I know that at least 60% of these people wouldn’t be sick.

Oh yeah, girls, or guys who don’t know. Don’t ever shake a male’s hand unless you know them very well or absolutely have to. A lot of guys simply come to the bathroom, unzip, do their business, zip up and walk out. Sans flush, sans sanitation of hands. Why don’t they flush, I don’t understand, and why they don’t wash their hands, I don’t understand. I think they learn at home that it’s okay to be fucking disgusting. Maybe they don’t believe in soap and bacteria. Maybe they’re allergic to being clean. MAYBE THEY’RE LAZY DIRTY-DIRTY PEOPLE. You live in America, follow the guidelines set forth by Johnson & Johnson and use the what human intelligence has bestowed upon thou.

I love soap and showers, but I realize my hygienical probity probably pretty much isn’t shared by everyone.

I think I’m going to run for Senator when I’m 51, in the year 2036, and I wish I had gone to the library so I could’ve finally read Bill Clinton’s book today. Today it’ll it’s looking like video games and finance books. A little Gabriel García Márquez today too.

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