Write | February 21, 2005

So over the weekend I drank a little again. All part of the becoming normal, and experiencing life. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but only that I had fun.

For me the experience is all worth it. Even if it’s only a little risky in that getting caught would be very bad for future scholarships and etc., it’s just me being bored and wanting to try new things. I get bored with the same things quite quickly. I even get bored of telling people howI don’t like reptition. I think it’s why I like the news so much, and why I like the stock market.

They’re never the same. Pretty much. Next up, PCP. Wait no, I think that’s probably too hardcore.

On Saturday I got my new American Heritage Dictionary! I forgot the first word that I looked up to christen it, but it’ll come back to me, and I’ll tell you guys.

Laying out plans about where I’m going to live next year. I’m going to live with my best friend who’s sense of humor matches mine nearly 95%, it’s that last 5% that will make every day hilarious. But his girlfriend, have to stay away! Hmm, I’m such a boy at this time of night.

Most of the day all I think about is how those admissions boards will look at my grades. Some people tell me I behave like I’m 50 years old, but at night I’m really 19 and I’m grateful that I have my youth.

Maybe that means I really am 50 if I have the ability to be grateful for my youth.

*takes out dentures*

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