agglomerate | February 16, 2005

Monday and Tuesday were amusing. Entertainment central!

Generally, the most amusing thing is the self-destruction that people partake in, and then the subsequent bitching about it. So with that sentence, I must admit I amuse myself with my own silly little foibles/whinings in the adventures of me.

For example, I’m writing in here because I am in love all of you and also because I feel done with studying for my organic chemistry exam. Feeling done and being done are very different things as I’m sure most of you know being native English speakers. If I get anything less than an A on the exam, my silly little college park world will collapse and I’ll start the depressing cycle of bemusingly kicking little pebbles around, and playing with my diner food in a really sad way –with those long, sorrowful sighs. But eventually I’ll laugh it off. It’ll be fodder for another amusing day. Valentine’s day seems to be the time of the year where things get pretty damn amusing!

Today, I have an interview to become a counselor. The person who is going to interview me has an interesting name; Ría. I put that accent in there on my own. It’s so easy to remember, and with three letters it has two syllables. Incredible. I’m going to woo her with my knowledge of her name, and with my knowledge of all fifty of the fifty states in the United States. I like the word state today. — Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia… i use that song we sang in 5th grade.

i’m dropping out, with the fifty-nifty United States I can do anything.

P.S. hawaii idaho illinois indiana. iowa kansas kentuckly louisiana maine maryland massachussetts michigan minnesota mississippi, missouri, montana, nebraskaaaaaaaa, nevaaaaaddaaaaaa, new hampshire new jersey, new mexico, new york, north carolinaanorthdakotaaaa ohiiioooooo, oklahomaoregonpenslyvania, rhode island south carolina, south dakota tennessee texassss! utah, vermont, virginia washington, west virgina wisconsin, wyoooommmmingggg

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