Permanent Marker | February 13, 2005

I escaped from UMD this weekend. I had a medium-length To-Do list for this weekend in my head, but none of it has been completed. That’s what happens when you keep it inside of your head. Procrastination is so easy when you can make your mind temporarily forget “important” things. How bad of me.

I don’t care. I’m content. I’m content with the temperature inside of my house. It’s perfect for any amount of clothing. From naked to space suits, comfort guaranteed. Gosh, if only I weren’t so comfortable…work would easy to complete. I think that’s the thinking behind the College Park residential halls. Sardines are workhorses.

That was a stretch. Oh, the other day I participated in a fitness test. I did 27 push-ups until I fatigued, which was average for a 19 year old male. I did 44 sit-ups in 60 seconds, good for a 19 year old male. The sit-and-reach majig, i stretched 15.25 inches, average for a 19 year old male. So I’m okay except for one part. I did a step test for three minutes, to test my heart rate. My heartrate was 123 (beats per minute). 123 is poor for a 19 year old male.

I’ve always kind of had that senior-citizen cardiac muscle though. Running even 1 mile has always been redicuously difficult. 2 miles? Ha, make sure it’s a nice memorial service for me guys. Luckily there was this other guy there who also had a crappy heartrate even though he did great on the push-ups, sit-ups and So this semester, I am stepping up the cardio.

I’m like the lion from the Wizard of Oz, but listening to eye of the tiger. Or like what’s his name from Captain Planet. Heart! Fitter happier? More productive?

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