prolificus es paciente | February 8, 2005

My boss thinks I suck.
At work, I don’t really open up, or tell what I’m really thinking. My supervisor has this interesting way of turning everything against you, and belaboring his little funny until you can’t stop your eyes semi-permanently rolling back.

He lets little things slip out like, “he’s a good worker but he has no personality at all”, “he’s nice most of the time”.

I know you’re a joker but I’m nice all of the time mister. ALso, I don’t think it’s possible to have “no personality”

las puntas otras:
– I want to purchase a nice fat, American Heritage Dictionary so badly. My fingers actually yearn if you can relate, yet I can hear my mom’s voice saying “you don’t need that, you already have…” that’s some effective parenting. Good work mother.
– Apparently everyone on my floor is going to purchase a gun. Safer? Come to Maryland everyone.
– I wanted to do a survey. I even copied it. I went to paste, and then felt compelled to not.
– I was in the lounge, writing a paper and in 5 people came in, not simultaneously, about 10 minutes apart each, and told me I’m always in there, take a break. It was a little embarassing. I had to keep sheepishly denying it. “Nuh-uhhhh…I have a paper due Thursday” One told me my ability to focus is superhuman. *Blush* I tried to play it cool watched some TV to fit in a little. I broke the dorkometer today.

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