I have ideas | January 31, 2005

I have ideas about things to tell you guys. However, I always forget said ideas by the time I come to this friendly, but perhaps a little too large entry box. So it’s going to be things that were on my mind in the last 30 seconds. Like a goldfish, I cannot remember much. It’s a side effect of being a chemistry student. I’m becoming that absent-minded guy in a lab coat who forgets his keys and his ID, but can solve goofy physics problems. Here are some fairly shallow thoughts for now.

– Sooner or later I am going to bite the bullet and say more than a friendly hello to this girl. Hope she’s not a lesbian.
– Those other girls too, monogamy is an interesting restriction.
– Girls, stop playing around, if you want us just say so it’d make things so much easier.

– This morning in Spanish, the teacher asked if anyone is shy. I was the only one who raised my hand. I am still allowed to call myself shy?
– I think I’ve graduated from shy to reserved. That probably makes more sense.

– The more I learn about history, the more that religion seems to be insane.
– No offense all of you religion guys.

– Back to the girls thing, I’m kind of disturbed about getting older. I should take this opportunity to have a young lady-friend while I am still their age.
– Girls, seriously, stop playing around, if you would just make the first real move, things would go a lot smoother.
– My spanish teacher is attractive, but…

– a lot of girls have pink text
– I remember when a best friend and I would use blatantly flaming pink, purple, pink & purple, purple & pink fonts just for the hell of it in 9th grade.
– brings a tear to my eye, and makes me want to slow way down because everyone is turning 20 and is losing the kid in them

– I left my gym bag at home and I have been blaming my gym absenteeism on it
– If I were hotter, I would so totally not be afraid to say anything outloud.
– The only true methods to get hotter are to get a haircut, and go to the gym, in any order, also intoxicate the opposite sex with intoxicants. (can it be done simultaneously?)

– Girls, we appreciate it when you make the move first, please fight through our reserved-forcefield.
– We understand if we’re not hot enough
– It makes us reserved

I’m not feeling to great about this, but…there’s a lot to say and it’s bed time for little beat-up sophomores.

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