Game Over | January 20, 2005

This break has done something to me. Now, instead of feeling lazy at home, I look now look upon school as being carefree. The structure, the massive amounts of work, the social axioms, are all breaks from reality. College is not real. I now smile when I think of having exams. This is some kind of game, and I think I’ve won.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some kind of drug-induced arrogance. I think it comes from being a little bit older, being a lot less afraid of what that place can actually do to me. I want to circumvent this part of life and feel useful. Feel needed. I like the wisdom that comes with age though. Perhaps in three weeks I will look upon this entry, and tell myself that three weeks ago that I was a dumbass, and that it’s likely that I still am one.


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